The Best Rainy Day Playlist to get you through the day !

The feeling of walking through the lonely roads and alleys of the city, while it rains is surreal, to say the least.
You know how the saying goes – singing in the rain may be optional, but dancing and kind of grooving into a happy mood is surely a must !

Now the thing about music is quite peculiar, there isn’t any feeling or emotion which music doesn’t cover. Doesn’t matter if you’re super happy or super low – if you have the right kind of music being played at that moment, you’ll

 more certain than not feel an eerie sense of peacefulness fall upon yourself. If you ask me, music is the best motivational tool one can utilize.

The same can be said for what people often refer to as the ‘most romantic’ season of all time – monsoons.


Well, this in no way implies that the other types of people can’t have fun when it rains and pours, but yeah the beauty of the moment when you’re with your significant other, in the open and it rains down on you is something to be probably cherished for a really long time.

Apart from that? You can always plug in your earphones and beat the drizzle, right?

It’s even better because the downpour builds up a very contemplative environment and ambience, when you can just sit around with your cup of coffee and contemplate about your life.

Keeping that in mind – here’s a list of the top songs I personally feel one should typically have saved up as their rainy day playlist.

PS – Not taking anything away from these tracks, if not only during the rains – they sound just as well during any other time too!


rainy day songs

The song originally from the movie Ajnabee released in 1974, got it’s apprised version by Leslie Lewis, which topped the charts and recreated the romance of the monsoons.



This Grammy award winning song by what can easily be referred to as one of the best bands of the modern era, is a legit track for anyone who’s looking for a warm hug, when the cold wind blows. With an upbeat tempo and lines like – “look at the stars, look how they shine for you” the track will get your heart beating again, when everything seems to be down and out.


This song particularly fits best in arguably two situations – one, when you need to get pumped up for something that you’re about to do or the second, when you’re driving or being driven really fast. The rain factor just adds on to it, and for me personally – this is one of the best work A7x has done. “left the childhood, left the memories, left the good times in the past” Woah.


Have you ever wondered what a dubstep influenced violin, instrumental track would sound like? Well, look no further than Lindsey Stirling. Elements was the track which kind of got her on the map and gave her mainstream attention, and rightfully so. The song can literally teleport you into a parallel universe!


The band which gave meaning to rock and roll. Period. Hey Jude is a sing-along song and is something extraordinary…one which really can’t be described. You have to hear it out for yourself ! “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better” these lines just have an unusual ring to it.


Looking for a track to get your feet moving? Here you go! Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive has an amazing beat and a mild dubstep feel to it. Jumping up and down, lip -synching to singing out loud…this track will almost certainly make you do all that !


dream on

Turning the clock, we head to a band which personified the bygone ages of glam rock – Aerosmith.Dream on, in spite of being their first ever single released in the early 70’s has arguably remained the band’s USP of sorts. The song is about the hunger to be somebody: “Dream until your dreams come true.”


Rainy day Playlist

Typically known for giving numerous video games their epic soundtracks, Alan Walker has come a long way from being just that.

Sing me to sleep is the perfect track to end a cold, rainy day all tucked under your blankie !


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Siddharth Nandi

Currently a final year student at Bhawanipur Education Society College. I've been the drummer for the bands After We Fell and Stained. I've also been a two time state champion and a black belt in karate. A Delhi Public School passout, the flair for writing came from writing poems and song lyrics.


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