Best Indian Indie Musicians Who are Just Too Cool!

Do you ever wish you could have watched a Kings of Leon, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, The Killers, Foo Fighters, or any other super famous band before they got super famous and inaccessible to us mere mortals? Well, the Indian music scene has evolved a lot in the recent past, and it continues to evolve into something bigger and better than the day before. Musicians like Nucleya, Dualist Inquiry, Su Real have made their transition into the big time; but following in their footsteps we have a list of Indie artists we think will soon join their ranks.

Check out our list below.

Tanya Nambiar

Indian indie musiciansShe is a singer and songwriter based in New Delhi, but performing all over India. Influenced by various genres, she describes her music as easy listening. Her music is a mix of pop, rock and blues. Check out her new single Two Lost Souls, it’s a very catchy song that you may end up singing all day.

Prateek Kuhad

Indian indie musicians
An Indian singer and songwriter, who has won many awards for his music; and is now an internationally known act. His soulful music and voice are definitely something you will want to add to your playlists.


Maalavika Manoj

Indian indie musicians
She is better know by her stage name Mali. This talented singer songwriter, based out of Mumbai, has been lighting up the solo stage since 2011. She continuously performs her own music, as well as singing for movies. We loved Play, and we believe, it is her grand father playing the guitar in the video.


The Ska Vengers

Indian indie musiciansThey are  a new Delhi based band who blend ‘ska’ rhythms with elements of dub, punk, jazz and rap to come up with a form of music that is refreshingly different, energetic and highly danceable. Regulars at NH7, they recently played one of the biggest stages in the world, Glastonbury! Hell, they have even played Tihar jail. If you have not heard them yet, you should do it now!


Indian indie musicians
The band has steadily gained a reputation for being new and original. Super active in the New Delhi indie music circuit, the band uses synth-rock and jazz undertones to accentuate their deep lyrics. Keep an eye out for them.

When Chai met Toast

Indian indie musicians
A unique and fun band from, as they say; “The land of coconuts”. Their music is happy, infectious; the kind that kind of feels like that one ray of sunshine during a thunderstorm.


Indian indie musicians
This band from New Delhi, have managed to combine various diverse tastes into one act. Not something you would think possible, but they have managed it; and done it in an excellent way. Exotic harmonies, great rhythms, with vocals in Hindustani and Carnatic. 

So now you have a full list to fill up your playlist, but catch these guys live before they become huge celebrities. Then you will have something to tell your kids about one day.  




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