Have you visited these amusing yet engrossing museums of India

The usual idea about visiting India is to unravel a world of unique multiculturalism and open one’s doors to path breaking experiences. A place for anyone and everyone under the sun, India is welcoming and one with you if you want to explore the sprawling eye-broadening beauty lying in abundance here. The costumes and customs, the colour and fragrances, the spices, the smiles, the pleasure in rustic rural areas and a moment of reprieve found in backbreaking schedules and timelines in urban India- there’s beauty in clusters as there is in living jointly with peace and harmony.

But that is not all there is about India. India is a land of myriad information and an immensely rich history. Interesting that the sense of information-pertaining to uniqueness of the past, antiquity, modern conventions and, archeology among others has been preserved and represented in a way that it attracts great attention. Interestingly, from within as well as from overseas visitors. But that said, it’s rather sad that one doesn’t often make time to visit the museums of India.


The museums of India are standard bearers of an excellence in repository of facts and real-life occurrences. And add a unique dimension to prospering tourism in India. We present you some rather unusual museums of India that you simply cannot afford to miss if knowledge and awareness are you constant pursuits in life.

INS Kursura Submarine Museum

museums of India

An interesting place to visit and undoubtedly among the first of its kind museums of India, the INS Kursura Submarine Museum in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is actually a symposium of life inside the submarine converted into a museum. With real life installations of installations inside a submarine, including articles used by the crew, it offers a fitting slice of things that lay inside one of the most arresting vessels of modern warfare.

Fossil Park Museum

museums of India

A visit to the Fossil Park Museum in Simaur, Himachal Pradesh is a splendid throwback to the fossils and remnants of varied species of mammals. These include divergent creatures such as hippopotamuses, gharials, crocodiles, tortoises and many other animals. This could be an appetising feast of history and zoology for lovers of wildlife, living science, wrapped in the amazement of history and a really dated period.

Paldi Kite Museum

museums of India

Few facets in life can match the sheer joy and freedom of watching a kite flying freely with nonchalance. Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one of the most fascinating museums of India, dedicated extensively to the varied and attractive colours, designs and installations of kites. While at the outset, a museum dedicated merely to kites might seem a tad bit baffling, it is still an eye-pleasing sight to behold. Interestingly, the entree to the museum is free and open to all and particularly for artists, painters and others associated in creative realms. What an interesting avenue to stoke some imagination, isn’t it?

Human Brain Museum

museums of India

The greatest mystery and yet the most alluring aspect of life is the human brain. For it’s sheer complexity, it’s vivid imagination and, for the sheer might in both innovating and destructing, there are few things that seem as captivating to understand as the human brain. This unique museum, a brainchild of Dr. S.K. Shankar, was established to appraise people’s awareness about the human brain. In fact, the brain museum has around 300 brain samples that have been collected over a period of 3 decades.

Arna Jharna Desert Museum

museums of India

If one were to search for a paradise amid barrenness and some intoxicating beauty amid desert, then it could go no further than Rajasthan, the largest state in India by area-spread. Yet, not all of Rajasthan is about travel and tourism and a refined earthen charm that is hard to find. It also happens to be laden with an interesting spot, a world away from the palaces and Havelis. Consider the Arna Jharna Desert museum to be among the rare spots in this jewel surrounded by deserts. Decked with intricate flora and fauna, the museum also showcases some interesting household articles used by rural communities in the bygone era.

Baywatch Wax Museum

museums of India

Among the most sought after museums in India at the moment are the wax museums that happen to be in urban centres. Delhi just got one in the recent past. But Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu has had it for a while. Some huge draws in the museum are leading figures from India’s political landscape and those from the spectre of armed forces. There are also a number of exhibits based on the life of internationally renowned personalities. To add more fervour among visitors, the entry fee of the museum is priced at economical rates.

International Doll Museum

museums of India

In the heart of the national capital rests a popular museum dedicated exclusively to dolls; perhaps an inescapable part of amusement for children in their growing up age and a signature souvenir that marks the enterprising culture in different corners of the world. A respected work of political cartoonist, K. Shankar Pillai, the doll museum pays homage to the beautiful customs and costumes of the world as depicted through 6500 exhibits from as many 85 countries. Could it get any cuter than that?


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