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Nowadays we all want to watch quality television in the limited time that we have to actually watch TV. Thankfully, things like Netflix have made it possible for us to watch good quality programming at times which are convenient to us, not having to wait endlessly for reruns of your favourite shows at an ungodly hour of the night. That being said, Netflix has a variety of quality programming unparalleled by others at the moment, not to say that other video on demand providers do not; just that we like Netflix the most at the moment. So, how should you choose what to watch once you’ve finished binge watching the last series that your friends were talking about at the water cooler? Do not worry, I got you covered. Below is a list of the best shows you should catch on it.

Club De Cuervos

best new shows on Netflix
This show from Mexico is about a dysfunctional family that owns a football club. When the patriarch ultimately passes the teams’ management goes into disarray when his two kids try to figure out who should acquire the club. It is heartfelt, hilarious and great value for your time. My personal suggestion is to watch at least two episodes so that you get a real feel for the show before you make a decision.


best new shows on Netflix
When I was a kid, we would come home from school and sit down in front of the tv and watch WWE, it used to be an act that felt almost religious with the frequency with which it would happen. Glow is a show about everything wrestling, plus a great take on the goings on behind the scenes of it. Led by Allison Brie, the show is funny and well paced. Once you sit down to watch it, you get hooked immediately.

Queer Eye

best new shows on Netflix
This show really knows how to hit you in the feelings. It is amazing how simple changes to your physical appearance and even your surroundings can lead to so much positivity entering your life. I am amazed by some of the life stories that I see unfold on this show and how you form an emotional connection with each person on the show. Be ready for tears and lots of fabulousness!

Stranger Things

best new shows on Netflix
If you are a fan of science fiction and 1980s’ this show should suit you perfectly. Its almost like a family friendly move from the 80s’ made into a show with elements of dungeons and dragons and other great popular cultural elements in it. The fact that the stars of the show are 5 kids and not Winona Ryder should let you know how strong the acting is.

The Crown

best new shows on Netflix
This the most expensive series that Netflix has done to date, but to follow the life of Queen Elizabeth seems like it would be an expensive affair. The series has received rave reviews and has been talked about a lot, with season two coming soon, this is the perfect time to catch up on the series, and the monarchy.

The Good Place

best new shows on netflix
What happens to you when you die? You go to the good place, a nice calm place where all your dreams come true; right? Well, in this hilarious series, Kristen Bell and Ted Danson play their parts brilliantly and makes you want to know what is going to happen next. Definitely a great show to keep you laughing.

The Staircase

best new shows on netflix
This docu-series has caused much debate amongst people who have watched it. The story of Michael Peterson and the case of the death of his wife, this story has more twists and turns than a go kart track, and when you realise how intertwined the whole case is; you actually realise that you don’t know anything at all. Worth watching and then discussing with everyone.

El Chapo

best new shows on netflix
Everyone has watched Narcos by now, but if you are interested in that style of TV show, then El Chapo is perfect for you. The man I so criminally twisted and brilliant about his business, that you wonder how he ever got caught to start with. The innermost working of a drug cartel that controls the government is one of the most intriguing mechanisms in a show that I have ever seen, but it kept me hooked.


best new shows on netflix
The Simpsons meets a fairy tale, I think this is the best way I can describe it. It is absolutely hilarious and had me in splits for endless periods of time. Unlike the Simpsons though, the show does follow a broader story over the season, and leaves us wanting to know so much more.

Sacred Games

best new shows on netflix
This show is absolute fire, it is so engrossing that after the first twenty minutes you are hooked to it. Keep your midnight delivery options open, because you will sit there at the edge of your seat for the long haul. The performances by Nawazuddin Siddiqi and Jatin Sarna are brilliant; the entire story involving Siddiqi had us enthralled. As close to perfection as you can get with a show that relates to us so closely.

How many have you seen? If you haven’t seen all of these shows then now is the time to catch up; if you have seen then all then there is huge library on offer from Netflix that will keep you hooked. The last few shows that have had us hooked were Voltron Galaxy Defender and Kims’ Convenience. So be prepared to find more and more titles to keep you busy and your binge watching appetite fulfilled.


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