Five mango delights to try this summer

Do you love mangoes? Do you? Well, if you are crazy over mangoes then you cannot be cribbing about summers and the pain it brings with itself. The king of fruits makes its appearance in the summers and hey! Summers don’t feel bothersome anymore. For all the mango lovers out there, we have five unique mango delights for you that will straightaway take you to cloud nine :

Green Tea and Kesari Mango :

mango summer specials

A very popular name indeed amongst the tea connoisseurs, this sweet and flavourful blend is produced organically from the famous Palampore’s Kangra leaf and is considered to be unique because of the mango tang. One of the added benefits of having this is that it keeps the cholesterol and blood pressure under control and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Mango crush :

mango delights to try this summer

Indulge your taste buds into the mushy and golden yellow essence of pure and rip mangoes. The best of farm grown mangoes are handpicked and then converted into fresh pulp. This glutten free beverage is heaven .

Amarkhand :

mango summer specials

This desi mango yoghurt is a popular dessert in North India as it combines the fruity freshness of mangoes and the milky creaminess of hung curd to make a delectable yummy dish. Indeed, a perfect way to wrap a meal.

Mango Daiquiri :

mango summer specials

In the scorching summer heat, these mango based cocktails are indeed the best to beat the summer heat and also appeals to the customer the most. These days, mango is being used in a lot of varieties right from juices to mojitos.

Raw Mango :

mango summer specials

Raw Mango is the ultimate summer fruit, protecting you from intense heat and dehydration and also gives the energy boost. This tangy flavour is bound to take you by surprise and is full of goodness and taste.


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