10 Books to Read to Get a Better Grip on Life in 2017

It is often believed that there is no better friend or companion than a beautifully written book that changes your perception towards life.  Yes, a book is the best thing to have happened to mankind as they are ageless, eternal, full of knowledge and comfortable at the same time. Any book lover will tell you, how has this beautiful habit changed their lives. For those who don’t like reading, well they are just missing a perfect book to get them onto the bandwagon.

In this interesting feature at What’s Up Life, we are listing down 10 treasures to read to get a better grip on life. These books are sincere pieces on love, life, compassion and honest and these will certainly help you attaining the kick start you need for 2017.


IdahoWritten by Emily Ruskovich

Ever been in love? Well, we presume most of you have but here we are not talking about the typical Bollywood film love. We are in fact referring to the heart-wrenching overwhelming tale of love that will give your life a new meaning. Want to experience this tale? Read Idaho by Emily Ruskovich. The book is about married couple Ann and Wade who have carved out a life for themselves in northern Idaho. But as Wade’s memory begins to fade, Ann becomes determined to learn more about her husband’s first wife, Jenny, and their daughters. Bit by bit, the shocking tragedy that split Wade and Jenny emerges, as does the story of how Wade and Ann found one another. This one is hauntingly beautiful.

2- Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

Evicted Poverty and Profit in the American City

Written by Matthew Desmond

A non-fiction tale about the lives of families trapped in the private rental market for the poor, Evicted is a brutal reality of America and highlights pain, turmoil, and helplessness like never before. With sordid details of underlining themes like politics and power, the book will bound to make you very comfortable and expose you to the world that you never thought existed.

3- Homegoing

BN-OC968_GYASI__JV_20160520165430Written by Yaa Gyasi

This one of the first book by writer Yaa Gyasi and through Homegoing she traces the lives of two African half-sisters amongst which, one is sold as a slave and taken to America in the 18th century, and one who remains in Ghana. The novel spans more than 300 years and many generations, chapter by chapter exploring the lives of the women’s descendants. The book is compelling, its characters are beautifully drawn out and writing is graphic enough to move you to tears. This one is a story about real struggles that need to be talked about and highlighted.

4- The Association of Small Bombs

The Association of Small BombsWritten by Karan Mahajan

From the first few pages, it will seem that The Association of Small Bombs has a simple yet interesting premise. However, it is only in the later parts when the novel explores and depicts its vibrant shades of life. The book is the aftermath of a small bomb detonation in the ’90s in Delhi, and the many people whose lives it alters—from the families of victims to the bombers themselves. With no holds barred, the book shows both sides of the story and is relatable, funny and heartfelt at the same time.

5-What Belongs to You

Written by Garth Greenwell

Think about this if you will, an American schoolteacher living abroad meets a 23-year-old male prostitute in a public restroom in Bulgaria. Money is exchanged but that’s not the end of it because with the incident blossoms a long, complicated tale of broken relationships with no strings attached. What Belongs to You is one of the most enriching books to be written about the unpredictable nature of life in the recent times. The book also talks about fear, desire, and oppression about forming and getting rid of relationships. A true masterpiece.


Written by Jade SharmaProblems

If you like the women in your books to be an example of Tulsi and Parvati from Ekta Kapoor serials, then we should outright tell you to stay away from this book. However, if you want the characters in your books to relatable with shades of gray then Problems by Jade Sharma will be your best friend for a while. The book subtly highlights how there are ample explanations behind self-destructive characters and what makes them so? The book is funny, sensitive, sordid and will answer many questions you may have about the women you know.


7- All The Breaking Waves

All The Breaking WavesWritten by Kerry Lonsdale

A compassionate tale of motherhood, All the Breaking Waves is the story of a woman Molly Brennan who left the man and the life she loved behind after a tragic accident tore her family apart. A few years down the line, Molly has created a new world of her own with her eight-year-old daughter, Cassie. However, soon her secrets and the life she left back come back to haunt her and now she must do all that she can to save her daughter from her own past.

8- The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma

The Private Life of Mrs. SharmaWritten by Ratika Kapur

This book penned by Ratika Kapoor is all about the human ambitions and aspirations and how far can one go to fulfill them. The book reveals the journey of Ratika Sharma- a dutiful wife, mother, and daughter-in-law who works as a receptionist in Delhi while her husband handles the family’s financial future in Dubai. She dreams of a bigger life, both literally and figuratively, and wonders when the Sharmas will finally get to participate in their version of the New Indian Dream. It’s only after she meets a man at a Metro station she realizes the lengths she is willing to go to live up to her dreams and create the world she wanted for her family. The characters in the book are relatable and journey interesting, read the book to deeply understand how ambitious move humans.

9- Faithful

Written by Alice HoffmanFaithful

We have all been there at times when the loss of a loved one changes you forever. For good or for bad that is up to us. Faithful by Alice Hoffman is a journey of Shelby Richmond who is an ordinary young woman, living her life on Long Island — until tragedy strikes and alters her life forever. The book traces Shelby’s journey to New York City, where she struggles to forge a new future. Emotionally charged and deeply relatable, the novel is ultimately a journey of loneliness to self-discovery, and how one woman finds her way in the world.

10- Virgin and Other Stories

Virgin and Other StoriesWritten April Ayers Lawson

Virgin and other stories is a relatable tale by April Ayers Lawson’s that delves deep into the expectations and ownership mentality that prevails in the basic concept of marriage in a society. The book is about a man who marries a woman who, for reasons that become increasingly more mysterious, won’t sleep with him. The book has many other relatable stories too, that highlight the different themes of living and uncover facts and questions we know about but never raise or answer.

So, this our collection of books you must read in 2017.

If you think we missed some treasures. Share with us in the comments below.


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