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Love is for the fortunate, they say. But the youth today, knows how to make their fortune. Don’t they? So memorable memories in love stories are made with memorable beginnings. Dating Apps it is! Whether it is the neighborhood auntie who is always curious to know about your relationship status or the over enthusiastic friend who somehow gets a strange kind of twisted joy when they see you date, you know for sure where your mind resides.

Over the years many dating sites have made it very easy for us to look for love if we are not getting lucky elsewhere. We bring you some of the best applications that the Indian youth are almost hooked to. These are the applications that play the modern cupid!


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With over 13 million monthly active users*, Twoo is the largest site to meet new people. Twoo is available in over 200 countries and in 38 languages. Every day, over a million new connections are made between real people on Twoo. Whether you fancy chatting, searching, sharing photos or meeting people easily, Twoo is full of exciting people! Never miss a beat with the Twoo iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps. Check out our mobile site or install our browser and desktop plugins to stay up to date with all activity on your profile.

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Ok Cupid

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Never miss a beat with the Twoo iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps. Check out our mobile site or install our browser and desktop plugins to stay up to date with all activity on your profile. You should see the work that goes into this bad boy. Algorithms, formulas, heuristics – we do a lot of crazy math stuff to help people connect faster.

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Truly Madly

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Possibly the most famous dating application, this one facilitates two single people to get to know each other based on their likes and dislikes. The seeker simply has to enter what they like, what makes them laugh, angry and emotional and then the application facilitates to match with someone who’s made just for them. The information on the app that is shared on the platform is kept private and the casual surfing, spamming or spying is constantly kept on check. The seeker’s profile can only be viewed by the ones the application sorts out for them. Also, the seeker receives messages only from the people they like on the application. Quite convenient, no?

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Another very popular application, this one’s a world winner too. It works in a very interesting and convenient way by showing appropriate matches and the user simply needs to mention whether to accept the other person or not. In order to associate, the other person too should have liked the user. Completely private and in case a user does not wish to access someone that they no longer connect with, is easier to be done as well. It is easy to register to the application and it gathers user information from online social networking sites and has a huge database of active users in India. The profiles are completely verified and trustworthy.

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You can’t leave everything to luck so woo! The Woo app facilitates dates or meetings in a way, which are based on common interests, lifestyle and associates/contact. It is like liaising with someone in a party and taking interests further to discover the other person a bit more. The application encourages tangible associations and introduces people with similar interests and life interests. You may have varied interests, but the app lets you highlight the ones that make you the person you are. Along with that, you can post questions that are forthright and direct in order to sieve the correct date. Fake profiles are filtered out constantly to avoid any distastefulness. So, go forward, find love with Woo.

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Singles Around Me (SAM)

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SinglesAroundMe (SAM) is another internationally renowned mobile dating application that lets you interact with new friends and contacts based on your location. Its uses a very technically advances Position Shift™ technology that lets the user shift their geolocation to protect their privacy while they are on their smart phone, thereby giving them full control of their desired privacy. The user can chat up, date, flirt and with any luck fall in love with resident singles in the vicinity or anywhere else in the world. This is what makes it enjoyable, exciting, unrestricted and easy to use.

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Thrill is an Indian android dating app that lets the ladies take matters into their own hands. There are two platforms that one can work with. Frivil that allows the user to scroll through two profiles at a time and based on their popularity the matches show up on the user’s inbox. If selected one can proceed, if not then the profiles keep changing. has over 4 million user and it allows connecting through the web and application over games, photos & more. Doubtful, dubious profiles are chucked and the user gets to assess the other based on the profile photographs and information and consequently select the companion.

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Why should we go on dating websites when we meet so many new people every day, in real life?”. Starting with this very simple observation, Fabien Cohen, Didier Rappaport and Antony Cohen decided to create an app that gives an everyday superpower: the power to find a person you’ve crossed paths with again, and to get in touch with them. This is how happn was born in January 2014 in Paris, and seduced thousands of users soon after.

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