What are the best colors to wear in summers??

We all love summers don’t we, some would say why ? well…. we get to dig into all the delicious yummy stuff like Ice creams, Lassi, Gelato, fresh fruit Juices and my personal favorite “Gola”……..

But the scorching sun takes a toll on us makes us all sweaty and as the mercury rises, what should one wear in summers and if you have that figured out what are the summer colors …come let’s explore.We’re all encouraged to wear white in summer, since white clothing is supposed to keep us cool — but it doesn’t. In fact, black clothing is the best way to keep cool in the heat. It’s basic physics. And biology.

Summer coloursWhen we see white, we’re seeing the combination of all possible visible light. This means that white clothing reflects a great deal of wavelengths of energy coming in. This means it should reflect the sun’s rays back, instead of letting them cook us. When all that body heat hits the white clothing covering it, it gets reflected right back towards the body. When we wear white, we cook ourselves. Whereas black does keep the body temperature intact.


There are colors which are favorites in summer and I would definitely advise these colors for the all you folks.  From pastel shades, petal pink, stone blue, and morning-inspired yellows keep you cooler by reflecting light.That doesn’t mean we are saying avoid white at all costs but just don’t wear all white from the tip of your head to the tip of your toe.

Summer colours

It also is no secret that when you start going into the specifics of color especially for the senoritas, a lot of factors do count in getting the exact color play right, it depends on  hair, eye color as well skin tones. But overall it is important to have a good combination of colors some of the best combos for summers can be Red and White, Mustard, Black, and White and Fuchsia & Navy. The summer is sure long let’s take advantage and get those colors right.

Summer colours


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