All The Bikers, Hit The Road To These Adventurous Biker Destinations In India

The scorching summer is here! The bikes are ready and revving up to beat this summer heat. Bikers all over are looking to take out their machines away from the  hustle and bustle of their cities to somewhere peaceful where the only sound they hear is the sound of their exhausts. Here are a few suggestions that the bikers of Delhi NCR can head to, along with their fellow riders or just explore these destinations as a solo traveler. Biker destinations in India!

Ladakh And Spiti

Ladakh & Spiti have always been on top in the go-to list for every bike enthusiast since the completion of this track certifies you that you’re in genuine sense ,a True Biker. The route and the destination offer a thrilling experience through the surreal terrains that leaves the rider to surrender his body and heart to the beauty that is , nature.

Morni Hills

The only hill station in Haryana, this sleepy place lies in Panchkula district and is well connected to various cities. If the biker gang is looking to spend some peaceful time all by themselves, this is the place to be. It serves as a decent place for spending a quiet weekend over some good food and great company .

Neemrana Fort

Neemrana is approx 130km from Delhi, which makes it a ride which is not exhausting and also which can be easily traveled to . Since Neemrana is set amidst greenery, the weather here stays pleasant throughout the year. The Fort offers a range of activities including flying fox zip lining, a safari to Sariska Tiger Reserve and exploring the rich history of the place.

Taj Mahal , Agra

The Taj with its magnificent beauty and charm has always attracted millions of tourists. Within the approachable distance from Delhi, Agra is a must visit place for all the avid riders. The city is famous for its historical significance and the expressway offers a tireless experience offering a win-win situation for the riders.

Kuchesar Fort

Once a small princely state during the rule of the British, the Kuchesar village is placed in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh state. The calm surroundings of this village make it the perfect weekend getaway from Delhi for the bikers who wish to get away from the chaos of the city life. The place is still away from the touristy-rush and offers great peaceful experience.


Lansdowne is encompassed by thick oak and blue pine timberlands offering incredible mountain sees. It is a charming spot for a peaceful occasion as it is without the typical hustle – clamor of other slope stations in Uttarakhand which will surely entice all the bikers. Good connectivity and well laid out roads are a boon for the riders .

Food Garage, National Highway 1A, Panipat

This place is a great spot for a layover or as a Sunday morning special ride from Delhi. The place offers great ambience and delicious and pocket friendly food. This place is usually filled in the weekends by the biking enthusiasts who come from different cities and share their passion for riding over hearty conversations and flavourful breakfast.

Throttle Shrottle Cafe , Gwal- Pahadim Gurgaon- Faridabad Road

The ‘adda’ of all bike enthusiasts of Delhi NCR, Throttle Shrottle Cafe is a place where all bikers come together to discuss their experiences and to socialize in general. This place has earned quite a repute for itself among bikers who travel from all over India to get a feel for this rustic yet classy joint.

These destinations offer a great experience for a rider and help understand more about traveling, biking and socializing in general. So , if you’re new to the world of riding , then do start with the above mentioned destinations and keep the throttle always up. Ride Safe!



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