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10 Beautiful Places in India To Celebrate New Year At

November 25, 2019

Celebrating New Year has sort of become a monotonous routine, wherein people go to the same clubs and the same places to celebrate the pending year in the same old manner.  In this exclusive feature at What’s Up Life we are listing down for you 10 Beautiful Places in India you can celebrate new year at to give it the grand start it truly deserves.


celebrate new year With multiple beaches, calm climate and delicious food on the menu, Pondicherry has to be on your bucket list for new year celebrations. Additionally, you get to experience a unique French mixed Tamil culture here which is exquisite in its own way. Also, the alcohol is damn cheap. Need we say more? Book your tickets already.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

celebrate new year One of the cleanest and greenest place in the country, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are perfect for unwinding on new years’ time. The destination is truly a heaven as it offers many tourists spots, water sporting activities and terrific natural sights to watch till eternity. You wouldn’t want to come back from here.


celebrate new yearUdaipur is one of the most beautiful city of Rajasthan and it is a perfect place to celebrate new year by being drenched in cultural nostalgia. The city consists of beautiful palaces, resorts, hotels, villas to stay which are a perfect fit for people who want to celebrate the new year at peace.


celebrate new yearAn absolute heaven during winters, Manali sees the beautiful snowfall in December which makes it an ideal place to spend your New Year’s Eve at. While the easily flowing water streams and the snow-clad mountains are a delight to watch, in the night the place turns into a party capital with foreign tourists.


celebrate new yearSikkim is a small state but is known for its terrific natural beauty. It consists of Great Himalayas, waterfalls, rivers, natural springs, etc. which obviously motivates and attracts tourists to celebrate new year here. Additionally, one can also start the new year with a trekking expedition here.


celebrate new yearA popular tourist destination all year round, McleodGanj lies in the lap of Himalayas and generally welcomes new year with snow and rain. The view is stunning and with ancient Buddhist monasteries in abundance here, your new year can get a spiritual start here.


celebrate new year Kerala is the perfect place to party at New Year’s Eve because of its natural beauty and water bodies. The state sees some amazing beach parties in December which are much better than the ones in Goa. Additionally, you can book a houseboat and enjoy personal time in the backwaters of Alleppey too.


kasol Now, this is a place for ultimate party rockstars. The multitudes of new year parties plus the beauty of the rivers and mountains make Kasol the best place to spend your New Year beginning at. Just call up your gang and explore the city like never before to find out the hidden treasure the city envelops.


Ooty is one of the most famous hill station situated on Nilgiri hills. The place consists of some exotic natural beauty that one can enjoy in the Indian cold weather here. The city also has many amazing resorts, hotels, guest houses etc. only for new year celebrations.


kochiLast but not the least, Kochi in Kerala is one place that you can visit for ring in the new year. The city offers an amazing scene of beach, sea and backwaters and also has multiple big hotels and party organizers who know how to make the best of new year with up class parties in the lap of nature.

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