Best Backpacker’s Hostels In India For Solo Travelling

First and foremost, let me start by giving a brief description of what exactly backpacker’s hostels stand for.

In simple layman terms it refers to a pretty decent accommodation for travellers, usually providing basic amenities like bunk beds, community halls, fridge, television and all that. In recent times, these hostels have also started providing WiFi facilities, which has kind of become a necessity nowadays & the reception for the same has been excellent too.

All of this at a very minimal cost makes up for a backpacker’s hostel.

These hostels more often than not act as a melting point between people of diverse cultures, different countries, beliefs, backgrounds, religion and places…well, you get the drift, right?

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These hostels are perhaps one of the best, and yes goes without saying – a cool way to exchange cultural teachings, travel experiences, stories and basically, bits & pieces of everything in general !

For those travel loving people who at the same time have a keen interest in socializing with folks of a different culture or nationality – the hostels could just be the ideal place for such an interaction.

What has added to its charm is the fact that hotel bookings have recently become a fairly difficult thing, owing to time crunches, tight budgets and yeah, the exuberant amounts charged for pre-booking hotel rooms.

No wonder why such hostels have gained huge popularity among young travellers in India.

So, nonetheless – if you are one of those people who prefer low budget travelling, read on further to find out about the best backpacker’s hostels in the country at the moment !


roadhouse hostels

Roadhouse Hostels is a chain of backpackers hostels who wish to ensure that the travel experience one has gets duly shared with the world.

The chain of hostels contain a bit of personal touch here and there, by the owners – hence ensuring all their visitors and travellers have some kind of memory of their stay at these hostels to take back home.

Travellers are also encouraged to leave their mark at the hostels by way off wall art or by just getting involved in any way possible. This interpersonal relationship which the hostel tries to develop with it’s visitors is what makes it all the more special, and has been the highest point of popularity among travellers.

The management, staff and owners too deserve a special mention owing to their super helpful and courteous behaviour.

The folks at Roadhouse make affordable lodging possible along with other amenities like free WiFi, round the clock security, lockers, gender specific dorms, kitchen facilities and common spaces.

Currently they have properties in Jaipur, Goa and Varanasi with further expansions in the pipeline.

The price range for a night’s stay at their dorm rooms start from RS 250/- onwards.

Email:     Call: +91-832 652 5561


zostel hostel

Like Roadhouse, Zostel has grown in to become another popular hostel among budget and solo travellers. Inexpensive tariff, knowledgable and courteous staff along with air conditioned dorms and hot water supply – these guys have attracted a decent crowd.

Zostel has branches in Delhi, Varanasi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Pushkar and Ooty.

Apart from the basic facilities, Zostel also provides its visitors with cable connections, game rooms, housekeeping, lockers etc.

The price range for a dorm here begins at RS 600 and goes upwards to RS 2,000 for private rooms.

Call: 01139589005


Youth Hostels India

This is probably where all of it started – the backpacker’s hostel trend in India. The chain of hostels run by the Youth Hostel Association of India, is affordable and has extremely comfy rooms.

Their branches spread out throughout the entire country, literally. From Delhi to Manali and Goa to Darjeeling, Youth Hostels are present everywhere.

The best part or their USP, so to speak lies in the fact that the hostel authorities take the onus upon themselves to organize tours and treks to various places in the country.

Ideal for single youth backpackers, their tariff starts somewhere around the RS 300/- mark and stretch up to RS 2,000/- depending on private rooms and air conditioning.



Well, if partying is your thing and if you consider yourself to be a ‘creature of the night’ this is, hands down, the place or hostel to be at. Period.

Located in Anjuna, Goa – Prison is India’s first and till date, the only party hostel.

The fun quotient of Prison gets taken up a notch by things like the party bus, which shuttles travellers to the best parties in town and quiz nights with free booze for the winners.

Prison is a venture of #Thehostelcrowd, who have other hostels placed across Goa as well and one in Kerala.


natura ashram

This one is located it Pondicherry, and as it is with everything else related to Pondicherry – Natura Ashram provides travellers with a peaceful and serene environment.
This is one of those places where you wish you could spend long periods of time.

However, lodging over here is restricted to only two days. The entire premises of this hostel is a smoke-free zone and it also does provide travellers with all the basic amenities.

Tariff falls between RS 250/- to RS 350/-


moustache hostel

Quirky name aside, this chain of backpacker’s hostels is situated in Delhi and Jaipur.
The place includes games rooms, an accessible terrace, gardens, and a kitchen – and also every other basic amenities.

A tad bit high on the tariff, but regardless of which travellers have been noted for saying it worth the amount.
Tariff here starts at around the RS 600/- mark.


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