Facts About Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace In Bengaluru

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is one of the iconic example of Indo-Islamic architecture and was also the summer residence of the Mysorean Ruler, Tipu Sultan. Currently the government of Karnataka maintains it as a great tourist spot. You would get to witness the history of our ruler and his stories at this place. Architectural experiences are a great learning for today’s society to add to their studies and career also. Here is everything you need you know about the palace:

History and architecture

Summer Palace

As said earlier, it was the summer residence of Tipu Sultan, which was built entirely teak and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. The ruler used to conduct his durbar from the upper floor. The first floor has four smaller rooms called Zenana Quarters. The walls were embellished with beautiful floral motifs, which added to the beauty and aesthetics to the palace.

After death of the ruler

Summer Palace

The British had dismantled the throne and auctioned its parts because it was too expensive for a single person to buy the whole thing. The rooms on the ground floor were converted to a museum showcasing the achievements of Tipu Sultan and his administration. Few displayed items include clothes and crown of the ruler in silver and gold pedestals.

Anything Else…

Summer Palace

Did you know? The Palace also holds a painting of grand throne visualised by the pioneer, Tipu Sultan himself. It is stuck with precious emerald stones and coated with gold sheets. The ruler had vowed never to use it until he had defeated the British Army. But, as told above after his death what happened…

Where- Tippu Sultan, Palace Road, Chamrajpet

When- 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Who doesn’t want to get amazing clicks at this ancient palace? Do visit and let us know your feedback in the comments section below.


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