Get A Glimpse Of The Taj Mahal Sitting In Bengaluru!

One of the most celebrated structures of India is the Taj Mahal. The magnificence and sublimity that it has carried for over 400 years now is a masterpiece of work that draws millions of people from all over the globe for just one glance! This wonder is one of the most prime possessions of India and took almost 16 years to build with 20,000 people working on it day in and day out. Now, while one would only gather to admire the beauty that this heritage site is, there is one Sekar, an artist from Malaysia who recreated a much smaller replica of the same.

The 56-year old artist is not only into building replicas of great structures like the Red Fort and The White House, but is also a part-time painter and photographer. Before, commencing with the construction of this replica, Sekar himself went all the way to Agra to observe the tall-standing monument from every angle. He built this replica within 2 months with the help of 150 other builders. This wooden structure costed around 1 crore Rupees until completion and is now located in the city of Bengaluru. What’s more is that it is a “travelling” Taj Mahal!

It is up for viewing in Bengaluru until November after which it can be dismantled and restructured for viewing in Hyderabad. Although the Yamuna river could not be brought all the way from Agra, this replica has done pure justice to the original structure. The Bengaluru Taj Mahal is 40 feet tall and 70 feet by 70 feet in width. It covers an area of 200 feet by 200 feet.

This is where you get a trailer before the movie! Get a glimpse of the replica and be amazed to know that this is not even 1/4th of the real Taj Mahal!

Location: It is located near Jayadeva Hospital on Bannerghatta Road.

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