Blossom Bookstore- Bangalore’s Beloved

Ask anybody in Bangalore about Blossom Bookstore and they would know about it. Not just simply knowing about it, a true Bangalorean would have spent half of its lifetime in here. A perfect place to just let loose and get lost in the world of books, Blossom bookstore is a paradise for all the bibliophiles.

Blossom Bookstore

The store is known for its amazing and super huge collection of second-hand books that are distributed in the three storey building. The books are at super affordable prices starting from INR 60 onwards.

Blossom Bookstore

Different floors have books of different categories. The first floor has books related to anywhere between coffee shop books, travelogues, rare comic books and more. The second floor has all the classics and fictions and top floor with cookbooks, gardening, management, history and any other category under the sky. The new copies are placed near the entrance so that they are not missed.

Blossom Bookstore

They have chairs placed on all the floors where you can sit in, get comfortable and get lost in so many different worlds of these books. The bookstore is also a good place to be updated on all the plays, festivals, workshops from the posters that are plastered on the walls.

The collection is here is huge and worth all the hype this place has created. If you can’t find a particular book anywhere in the city or the internet for that matter, chances are that you would get it here.

A book lover or not, one must visit this place and experience the whole vibe. The bookstore is a reminder to all of us that books are the better experience over kindles. So go for a book haul, get lost in those beautiful old books and a place that smells of the best thing in the world – old books.


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Surabhi Guleria

A full time writer, animal lover with a travelling gene, shakesperean love for the night sky with a hidden Nigella Lawson inside.


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