Surabhi Guleria

Here’s All You Didn’t Know About Bangalore

October 11, 2018

Its always interesting to learn about a city- how it was made, when was it made, what were its firsts and other such things. So here’s list of facts about Bangalore that will tell you something new about the city. facts about Bangalore  

  1. The word Bengaluru means ‘The City of Guards’.
  1. The city has highest number of engineers in the world. There are more than a million It professionals.
  1. There is an actual word called “Bangalored” which was added in the English dictionary and it means the job outsourced to Bangalore.
facts about Bangalore
  1. The beautiful city has more than 200 lakes.
  1. 55% of Bangalore is covered with gardens.
  1. Bangalore is MTR’s birthplace.
  1. This is the first south Indian city to have a metro train running.
  1. Bangalore is one of a kind. It is one of the few places in the world where commercial and defence airport used to operate from the same strip.
facts about Bangalore
  1. We all know Malgudi days. But did you know how the name originated? As per one of RK Narayan’s books he loved the two areas in Bangalore called Malleswaram and Basavanagudi. So he used the first three letters of Malleswaram (Mal) and the last 4 of Basavanagudi (gudi) and made the name Malgudi.
  1. Bangalore became the first city in India to get electricity in 1906.
  1. Bangalore has many stray dogs, hence every 5 minutes a person is bitted by a stray dog. The ration of dogs vs. humans is 1:37.
  1. The city is considered one of the cleanest in the country so think before throwing that wrapper away on the road.
  1. There is a ledge entry that was released on the 125th anniversary of the club shows that Winston Churchill owes INR 13. As part of the unpaid bill.