Haunted Places In Bengaluru That Would Freak You Out.

Haunted places might be full of superstitions or a truth that cannot be proven, so it completely varies from a person to person, how they perceive it. Bangalore city everyday deals with new debates about what is right and what is wrong, now the question is what exists and what does not. Here are the places that would freak you out:

Kalpalli Cemetery

Haunted Places

It is was alternatively known as St John’s Cemetery, near Old Madras road is the cremation ground for a large part of East Bangalore, witnessing an average of ten cremations every day. There have been stories by people passing by this cemetery have reported sightings of a creepy man lurking around the graves at wee hours. People have claimed to see a strong demonic presence and a feeling of unease in and around the cemetery.

Kempegowda Airport

Haunted Places

The Kempegowda International Airport is one of the most busiest and most haunted airports in India, with state-of-the-art architecture and provides connectivity to a number of international and domestic destinations. There is the story of a pilot who recalls the story of the lady in a white sari requesting to help her. When he came back, she’d disappeared! Some airlines have also spotted this woman on the runway with her arms stretched out. Later after a few days, the ghost began haunting the cargo bay as well and another headless ghost was seen near the escalators and parking bays. Whether true or not, these stories are definitely dreadful.

Victoria Hospital

Haunted Places

It is a century old building located near the City Market, known for strange happenings. The only probable reason people give is the death of patients in the hospital. A few years ago, bizarre incidents were sighted at the hospital morgue. People claimed to see a white ghostly figure on one of the trees in the hospital premises. Most of the staff have started to avoid night shifts. But the funny thing is that the ghost here is a foodie. People working here report that many packets of food have gone missing.

Terra Vera, St. Marks Road

Haunted Places

The place belonged to two sisters, Vera and Dolce, who were the only occupants of the house until 2002, when a tragic incident happened. Dolce, the younger sister was killed by a youth who broke into the house at midnight in front of Vera, the elder sister. She was buried in the house and Vera was asked to move to a safer location by the police. The case remains unsolved to this day. The people who went there to click them, have come back with corrupt images and dead batteries. The stories also continue as people recollect experiences of hearing screams, a face appearing out of the windows, colder temperature in a few rooms and the sound of a piano being played.


Haunted Places

The Bangalore – Mumbai highway is one of the longest highways in Karnataka. There seems to be some ‘connection’ between highways and terrorizing ghosts always. And in Bangalore, it looks like NH4 is one of their favorites. There is a popular story where people have encountered a pretty girl asking for lift around midnight and getting vanished by the time they look up and answer. The story gets spookier when she re-appears and starts laughing hysterically.  Think twice while you stop to someone asking for a lift on NH 4 next time!

Nale Baa

Haunted Places

One of the popular folk legends, Nale Baa translates to ‘come tomorrow’. For years now residents of rural areas in Karnataka write this phrase in front of their houses in order to keep a malevolent spirit away from their homes. It is believed that a bridal ghost roams around the streets of rural Bangalore at night in search of her husband and takes away the man of the house. It is said that the bridal spirit knocks the doors of the houses and speaks to the residents in the voice of their kins, making it impossible for the residents to keep their doors closed. The Bollywood movie Stree, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao, that came out in 2018 was based on this incident only.

Call Centre, MG Road

Haunted Places

MG Road or Mahatama Gandhi Road in Bangalore is a one-stop destination for everyone. The road that crosses the call-center is better to be avoided during the night. It is said that a young woman who worked in the call-center was killed in a drunk and driving case. The driver that had hit that woman left her there, screaming, and she died on that spot. Office goers have claimed that they hear a woman screaming on the night of that same date, every year.

Do visit as the ghosts are waiting and let us know your valuable feedback in the comments section below. 


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