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Get Your Fingers Greasy With The Best Pakoras In Bengaluru

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March 14, 2020

There is no more delicious snack than some perfectly-fried and crispy Pakoras!!! Whether your mom whipping up the Pyaaz Pakora on a monsoon evening or the cook at that roadside eatery dishing out deep friend Paneer Pakora, these beauties leave you in food coma!!!

These places in Bengaluru have been making consistently-good pakoras:-

Bathinda Junction

Ok, now pakoras need not be sudh-shakahari by nature, always!!! The carnivores get to relish their share of Non-Vegetarian pakoras too and where??!! Head to Bathinda Junction for a plate of gorgeous Chicken Pakoras made of chicken cubes dipped in a flavor-rich batter of gram flour, mango powder, anardana and masala and fried crisp. While the chicken pakoras steal all the limelight, does not mean the traditional vegetarian pakoras are cornered, the Gobhi, Pyaaz and Paneer pakoras are enjoy their fair share of attention too!!!

Where: 88 KK, Center Jyoti Nivas Collage Road, Industrial Area, Koramangala 5th Block, Bengaluru

Call: 9886101619

Cost for two: INR 500

Indian Food

Talking of non-vegetarian pakoras, have you been blessed enough to try out Prawn Pakoras??!! Well, you seem to be missing out on quite a bit!!! Visit Bengaluru’s Indian Food and order a plate of their signature prawn pakoras. This quick desi-dish uses succulent prawns in a crispy Pakora batter and goes great with a cooling yoghurt dip. We can see you are already having day dreams!!!  Indian Food pays an ode to the authentic Andhra Cuisine by whipping up Gongura Pakoras, made from Sorrel Leaves coated in rich gram flour and fried deep. The vegeratrian pakora menu features Gobhi, Paneer and vegetable Pakora which seems to burst with flavours too.

Where: Shop 4, 3/76, Shiva 2nd Building, 1st Floor, Outer Ring Service Road, Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Call: 8970737237

Cost for two: INR 300

Indy’s Comfort Food

Do you remember that scene from the movie, Band Baaja Baraat where Ranveer Singh is trying to convince Anushka Sharma while devilishly gorging on the Dilli ke Bread Pakora??!!! While Dilli’s iconic Bread Pakora seems to travel all the way to Bengaluru’s Indy’s Comfort Food and made it the home. You can settle for the classic Onion or Gobho pakora too or even go slightly more innovative with the Punjabi Paneer or Palak pakoras. All pakoras served with a generous dollop of Tamarind and Mint Chutney turns your meal exhilarating the desi way!!! Oh yes, this is also one of the few places to whip up the famous Sabudana Pakora made with overnight soaked Sabudana, Kuttu ki Atta and boiled potato. From Delhi to Mumbai, Indy’s Comfort Food seems to be the pakora map of the country and we cannot be happier!!!

Where: 47-1, Central Street, Tasker Town, Shivajinagar, Bengaluru

Call: 08041232633

Cost for two: INR 300

Tea Brew

If you are an aficionado of exotic loose tea leaves and cannot seem to function without it, it is time for you to visit Bengaluru’s Tea Brew!!! And what goes best with that cuppa? Nothing can beat that plate of piping hot pakoras waiting to be devoured!!! From Aloo to Pyaz to Paneer, each variety of pakoras is slathered with rich batter and fried crisp. Not only that, a giant pakora platter on the menu is equally enticing. Pair up these pakoras with that masala, elaichi or adrak chai and you just ticked off an ideal desi evening!!!!

Where: 172B, 2nd Cross Road, Stage 2, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Call: 9538612243

Cost for two: INR 600

Kapoor’s Café

Punjab has always been distinct in the Indian map and one of the places which manage to ape the Punjabi-vibes right here in Bengaluru is Kapoor’s Café. The lively décor with the charpai, bright-colored cushions and North Indian antics thrown around brings Punjab to the southern crowd. Not only has the décor, the staggering pakora menu set the mood just perfect. All you get to devour includes pakoras made of Gobhi, Pyaaz, Paneer, Corn and Cheese. The newly launched Soya Punjabi Pops, crushed soya mixed with breadcrumbs and potato and deep fried till they turn lavish, is an absolute desi-delish!!!

Where: Near Thubarahalli Bus Stop, Inside Gurukul Compound, Thubarahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru

Call: 8105674336
Cost for two: INR 800

Indian Paratha Company

Do not get confused with the name, Indian Paratha Company is a paradise for pakoras!!! The Pudina Paneer Pakora, made with the softest slices of Paneer, can be easily touted as the topper at this place. Order the Mixed Pakora Platter for a taste of Aloo, Pyaaz or Methi pakora. For those who love their munchies, you and your crew can also enjoy Bangalore’s amazing weather at their comfortable outdoors seating area. This place remains open from 7 in the morning till 1 in the night, therefore a long drive with a pit stop for pakoras or the morning sojourn for a desi nashta gets the weekend scene going!!!

Where: 1/2, Guttahalli, Kasaba Hobli, Devanahalli, International Airport, Bengaluru

Call: 9902009977

Cost for two: INR 500


The ‘garma garam’ pakora menu of the North-Indian Vegetarian spot, Sikori is bound to meet your snackie cravings and how??!!!  The Mirchi Pakoras at Sikori is not for the faint-hearted. Stuffed handsomely with boiled potatoes, coated in rich batter and deep fried, these spicy beauties are absolute pakora delights. The pakora staples like Pyaaz and Paneer ones come with traditional taste.

Where: 409, 5th Main, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

Call: 08043008537

Cost for two: INR 300


If Bengaluru had a list of the finest Rajasthani dining destinations, Kesariya will top it undoubtedly!!!! Walls lined with antiques and the traditional dal-bati churma and khichda is set to woo every desi soul!!! And this happens to be that place where you can gorge the very unique ‘Bhutte ka Pakoda’ A mixture of corn kernels and sweet potato mixed with red curry paste and these corn cakes are shallow fried till they turn gorgeous golden brown and sit on your table garnished with coriander sprig. Hot or not???!!! Vote immediately!!!

Where: 55, Goenka Chambers, 1st Floor, Jeevan Griha Colony, 19th Main, Phase 2, JP Nagar, Bengaluru

Call: 08026590800

Cost for two: INR 1200

Gud Dhani

Another Rajasthani place which understands we take pride in our pakoras is Gud Dhani. Serving the staples like Aloo, Pyaaz and Paneer pakoras, this place puts focus on making them with the freshest ingredients ensuring an overwhelmingly fresh taste. You can wash down all the spice with a tall glass of luscious lassi!!! The walls screaming out the culture of Rajasthan, this place works well for a budget yet delicious meal.

Where: 170, 16th Main, 2nd Stage, BTM, Bangalore

Call: 08088879627

Cost for two: INR 500



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