Donne Biryani: The Famous And Most Delicious Ever!

Let me start by writing the most cliche line you’ve come across.

“Biryani is not just food, it is an emotion.”

As cliche as it may sound, I’m sure we all agree without a second thought! This is the kind of topic that can give a writer’s block to any writer. It has so much to write about and there is so much that is already written! We all know the Muradabadi and Hyderabadi biryanis. But I’m sure you wouldn’t know about this very famous and heavenly delicious biryani served in Bangalore – The Donne Biryani.

No! Bangalore isn’t just famous for its Benne Dosas, Filter Coffee or “engineers” (wink-wink). The most sought after Biryani to eat in South India is the Donne Biryani that is served in huge quantities which will have you say – “Saak Aitu Macha (burp)!”

The famous Donne Biryani gets it’s name from the leaf pouches it is served in. Several leaves are weaved together to form a kind of pouch that will have your piping hot biryani. The challenge begins with trying to hold the hot pack of biryani in your hand and ends with you finishing it to the last grain. The history of this delicacy dates back to the 17th century when military hotels in the cantonment areas of Bangalore made Biryani to feed large troops of the Maratha army.

To this day, Donne biryani is a must-have delicacy if you happen to be in Bangalore. The dish is mostly liked for its authentic taste and make. Shivaji Military Hotel of Bangalore serves by far the best Donne biryani in the world. People wait for hours to grab a seat and they agree that it is worth the wait. This place makes it Donne biryani from its own farm fresh products and spices. A typical taste and flavor that it possesses can be told apart from all other biryanis in the country.

If you’re in Bangalore and want to make it a sin-free vacation, eating one plate Donne biryani is the way to do it. So, drop your forks and spoons, use your bare hands and chow down to scrumptiousness!

Contributed by Lekhanapriya


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