These Destinations In India Are Beautiful…..But You Cannot Visit Them!

India is home to a large number of destinations which are flocked by tourists every year. While some places have become monotonous tourist hot-spots, there are some that are getting explored slowly. (Thanks to travellers who love taking the off-beat roads!)
But, we are not going to rant about any such place here or why you should visit or when you should visit. Instead, there are certain places in India which are so amazing that you just cannot visit them due to the challenges that come along with them. Sounds strange maybe, yeah? Here’s a virtual tour to all such places in India where travelling is a big No No :

Aksai Chin, Jammu and Kashmir : 

This beautiful place is a ceasefire line which separates the Indian-controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir from the Chinese controlled area. Lying further to the east,it is also referred to as the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and is listed amongst the most dangerous places in the world.

Silent Valley National Park, Kerala :

Boasting of tropical evergreen forests, Silent Valley National Park is in the truest sense what you would call as “Heaven on Earth”. Maoist attacks at this national park has been a big reason why many people fear coming here.

Chambal River Basin, Madhya Pradesh : 

Chambal is quite synonymous to dacoits and perhaps that is one of the biggest reason why it is avoided by travellers. The Chambal River Basin would make you forget if you are in India but watching the beauty of this place with your naked eyes comes at a very huge cost.

Manas National Park, Assam :

Having the impression of one of the most beautiful forest reserve in India, it is also the same place where 6 WWF officials were kidnapped by Bodo militants. Despite all the odds, the government has been trying its best to attract tourists to this part of Assam.

Tura, Meghalaya :  

The picturesque landscapes, the vibe of this place, magical waterfalls and age-old eerie limestone are world apart. But, apart from all this, this little town in Meghalaya is also home to the terrorist organizations of north-east which makes it a dangerous place for tourists.

Haflong, Assam : 

Terrorist organizations are again one of the major reason why tourists are not making their way to Haflong. Despite its encapsulating beauty there are hardly any tourists who come here.

Bastar, Chattisgarh : 

Also called as Indian Niagara Falls, the place is full of natural beauty but is also home to naxal activities day in and day out.

Barren Islands, Andaman : 

The only active volcano of India is located in Barren Island, Andaman. The red hot lava erupting from the volcano is visible from a distance and that is the reason why visiting this island is prohibited.

Even though these places might look appealing, all we can do is simply wait until we can make our travel plans to such untouched locations.


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