Explore Ayurveda’s Most Popular Herbs!!

It has been an age-old conclusion in our country that there is nothing – no ailments, diseases or any other health related problems that Ayurveda can’t fix. They are even known to boost one’s immunity without the presence of any side-effects.

To look at it from one perspective, people who vouch for such remedies are obviously right in a way or two, but a more modern approach would make one take the route of remedies tried and tested, and yeah…developed in laboratories!

People of our generation can mostly relate the word ‘Ayurveda’ to one particular dude who has lately launched his own line of ayurvedic products. Yup! You guessed right, the guy in question is Baba Ramdev. Couple of years back, no one would have thought that he had entrepreneurship skills!

That aside, the folks here in India have their own beliefs and approach towards the use of such products and remedies.

Here’s a look at the most used & prominent ayurvedic remedies / products in our country!

IsapghulaExplore Ayurveda's Most Popular Herbs!!


Isapghula is also known as Psyllium Husk, is arguably the most recommended seeds or husk for constipation and related ailments.

It is a laxative and helps in improving bowel movements. This is one particular thing which is consumed by almost 90% of the senior citizens in our country. One more plus point for the same is the fact that it can be used as an application to reduce joint & other related pains.

Explore Ayurveda's Most Popular Herbs!!Camhor Oil



Camphor which is technically a plant has numerous benefits – it’s bark prevents bacteria and fungus & even provides relief from physical, muscle pains.

Camphor oil can be used to treat cough, cold, asthma and even the occasional hiccups!



Perhaps the most obvious entry on this list. Mint leaves are used to make chutneys and are used in numerous other food preparations, and is often used or advised as a blood cleanser.

Pudina has anti-bacterial qualities which helps in preventing or curing headaches, sore throats, tummy upsets and even dental problems.


Explore Ayurveda's Most Popular Herbs!!

Yeah, this needs no introduction at all. Used in most Indian dishes, turmeric roots and leaves have a few certain medicinal properties which help in preventing arthritis, digestive disorders and heart problems. Turmeric is also helpful in fighting cancerous cells.

Chia seeds

Explore Ayurveda's Most Popular Herbs!!

Also known as sabja, these seeds are often added to drinks like falooda as a cooling agent for the body. Chia seeds are also a great agent for boosting immunity, controlling blood pressure and improving heart health.

Ginger root

Explore Ayurveda's Most Popular Herbs!!

Oh yeah, I can vouch for this one finally! There is nothing better during the flu-season or cold winters than ginger roots.
It is the best suited, natural way for preventing throat aches and other flu symptoms. It can also be used to treat congestions and head aches.


Explore Ayurveda's Most Popular Herbs!!

Hibiscus the oh-so-beautiful flower is commonly used to treat headaches (yet again!) and also used to treat cancer related swellings.


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