Awesome Android OS Hacks Everyone Should Try!!

Android OS Hacks Android is now perhaps the most used mobile operating system in the world, with many pundits putting it’s market share at as much as as around 70%.

With such growing presence, there are too many Android applications, although that’s only if we are able to hack Android OS and customize it as we wish.

Now, the thing about hacks, code-breaking, mods and cheat codes stretch back to a long time prior to Android even coming into existence.

For me, it all started while playing this video game called GTA : San Andreas.

Apart from it probably being one of the most insane games I ever played, something which was really cool is the fact that, players could summon military tanks, fighter jets – and quite simply every other thing which is “cool” to kids. This was achieved through cheat codes.

Winding down the clock, it’s practically not possible to cheat-code-up the OS of a mobile phone, but –

Not to worry though, crazy Android developers and experimental nerds have already done this for us !

People have successfully rooted their Android smartphones and there are a number of wild Android hacks with countless applications.

Some of these Android apps are fun and some are very useful too.

In this post, I am going to present the top 7 Android hacks and their applications to make your Android Smartphone smarter than ever before, so much so that you can tag it the ‘smartest phone ever’ ! Alright no, that was lame.

1. Get Android updates before your mobile handset manufacturer releases it

For most people using Android phones, they usually have to wait for Google to release updates for Android via Google Play and this may sometimes take months.

After the release of new Android system updates – mobile handset manufacturers have to readjust them in order to run on their handsets, and also add new Android based software, before releasing these Android updates to their customers.

Good news is, you don’t have to wait for such a long duration.

Since there are a great number of people working on releasing their own stable Android updates, you can root your Android phone (search the net for more info)  so that you are able to release such Android updates as soon as the developer has released them.


More often than not, the typical problem Android users face is the poor storage space. I mean, in most cases the storage spaces for these cell phones is extremely low !

This particularly hinders the ability to play your favourite music, videos or films. Normally people prefer to keep a bulk of their media files in their PC or external drives, and it becomes a tedious and time consuming task to transfer them to your phone and then view it. Right?

This is where the Android app called – Gmote comes in. Through this you can access / stream any media on any device by using Wi-Fi. Smooth !


Yet again, changing your phone’ s wallpaper and themes to suit your fancy has it’s own limitations too.
The wallpapers and themes are also not that inspiring, duh !

But you can change all this and bring your Android’s user interface into life. This is easily done through the use of some Android apps, such as Beautiful Widgets, which will then give you access to hundreds of customized and animated wallpapers that can be used.


While many Android devices come with incredible audio quality, some phones have terrible audio quality.

If you’re looking to improve the audio quality and loudness through your phone’s speaker and headphones, then you can try out the Equalizer app from the Google Play Store. It’s free, but has in-app purchases.


f you have an Android smartphone with a small screen, then you probably don’t enjoy typing long text messages.

One of the most popular Android hacks is gesture typing, and if your phone’s keyboard doesn’t support gesture typing, then you can use third-party apps such as SlideIT free keyboard from the Google Play Store.


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to those good ol’ static screenshots !

Not many people know that they can also record the screen on their Android smartphone or tablet.
Screen recording basically lets you record whatever is happening on your screen and it is a great way of showing others an app that you’re using on your phone !


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