Athletes Who Injured Themselves During Olympics !!

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Amidst all the glamour surrounding this year’s biggest worldwide sporting event, there have been a lot of drama which unfolded over the weekend.

This drama ranges from verbal tirades to ‘enhancement’ accusations. Apart from these, and all the emotional, hard fought victories – there have been three instances (as of writing) or rather, three near fatal injuries which left the athletes bent very awkwardly.

Now some might argue that sports in general comes with it’s own set of risks – injuries being arguably the biggest one. More often than not, these athletes and sports persons have taken it in their stride & accepted it as a part and parcel of the game they play.

Some of them have even made remarkable comebacks from injuries – serious one and not-so-serious ones, over the years.

That being said, one cannot simply deny the fact that these accidents are freakish in nature, and in various cases would resemble something straight out of the Final Destination film series.

Watching these competitors go at it from the comfort zones of our living rooms is a fairly easy deal at the end of the day, but I’d be damned if anyone seeing such events go down don’t cringe and has a tough time digesting it.

So, without further ado let’s get down to what this article is supposed to be about !



Well, this is plain bad luck – this French gymnast broke his leg during vault exercises on the second day of the prelims.
What’s even worse and a tad bit staggering is how the crew accompanying the ambulance assigned with picking up the injured athlete, dropped the poor guy!

Samir is currently recovering at a Brazilian hospital. Hopefully he won’t be dropped on his back another time !



Mere 24 hours after the Rio Olympics witnessed it’s first big injury, came another unfortunate incident. Remember how as kids we sometimes used to tumble, stumble and fall on our heads? Well, that was funny…this isn’t.

Dutch cyclist Annemiek Van Vleuten suffered a head-first crash during the women’s road race. She slipped on the wet tracks and went flying over the handle bars of her cycle.
The end result being – three cracks on her spine and a concussion. Doctors have confirmed about she being in a stable condition now. That’s a relief !


Andranik Karapetyan

Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan crashed out of the Olympics in agony as his left elbow gave way during a second attempt to lift 195kg (429lbs).

The 20-year-old was one of the favourites for the 77kg (169lbs) and strode onto the stage with the confidence befitting a European champion and lifted the vast weight onto his broad shoulders.
But when he attempted the clean and jerk, his left arm snapped, in a much gruesome way.



During the last Olympics, German swimmer Stephan Feck lost his balance while attempting a somersault.
He lost his grip on one leg and ended up with a reverberating thud into the pool. Funny part and also a case of lady luck smiling down upon this lad is the fact that he got up unscratched and unfazed but got a zero from the judges !


Manteo Mitchell

US relay runner, Manteo Mitchell broke his leg during the mens 4×400 race.
What’s kinda awe inspiring here is the fact that, he passed on the baton and also finished the race limping.

Well, that’s grit for you !


matthias steiner

Now this guy has been known all over the internet for his emotional Olympic victory just sometime after his wife died. It went viral and everything else. But back in the London games of ’12 this German weightlifter dropped a 432 pound bellbar on his neck.

Talk about ‘ouch’ moments, he was rushed to the hospital.


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