Dipti Datta

No More Blues! Art At Work Is Bringing A Lot More Colours To Your Work Station

January 27, 2020

This is the age of millennials. It is the transition era. An era when everything is perceived with the view to spruce up productivity. Mundanity has no place here. With the surge of the race called ‘corporates’, the work culture has moved on from drab desk-chair vibe to a more ‘cooler’, flamboyant and young avtaar. And then it becomes indispensable for workplaces to exude the transition…. 

Art at The Circle.Work

The new age work culture has been influenced by the awareness about well-being of employees and boosting productivity, which has led to a complete transformation in the way a workplace is perceived. A very major credit for the current trend goes to display of Art at office spaces. A lot more vibrant, a lot more colour and a lot more happy vibes. It is then safe to say that Artworks are an extension of corporate work life.

Conversation…. That’s the word! With communication forming the major crux of the work culture, artworks at workplaces, if placed and chosen thoughtfully, work as a tool to strengthen the interpersonal bonds too. Creatively inclined? An interesting sculpture or wall art is a legit conversation starter to fade away work hierarchies. A discussion apart from work with a boss who shares an equal interest in art, can be just the manoeuver to break the ice.

Art at WeWork

Monday morning blues aren’t a myth… and a vibrant workplace can be your poison to a zestful head start. It’s true that choosing the work you love will never have you ‘working’ a day in your life, but an artsy place of work pushes to grab the day by the horns!

Art at ABL Workspaces

Creative spaces lead to creative work. Scientifically, colours have been known to boost energies and behaviours, and Art, being a crucial emanator, has lately formed a very crucial part at places of work, in expanding creativity. The presence of interactive artworks at workplace evokes the sense of intrigue, creativity, and engagement.

Co-working spaces as The Circle.Work, WeWork, ABL Workspaces stand by example to this changing trend. Vibrant wall colours, art events and wall art splashed across their premise, has brought the trendy, the positive, the imaginative and the collaborative essence of work places…. We welcome the bent…. Here’s to more Art... to more productivity!

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