From roots to wings… presenting Sanam Dixit

Living is simple, loving is also simple, laughing too is simple, winning is also simple, then what is difficult? Being simple is difficult. Her simplicity is her strong point and she has used it effectively. Even after achieving so much at a very young age, she remains grounded. Her charming nature has won her a lot of hearts. Here’s presenting Sanam Dixit.

sanam dixit mumbaiSanam Dixit also known as Arshi Dixit, is a budding model and actress; She was born in the main city of Lucknow and brought up in Gomti nagar, India. She dreamed of becoming a lawyer when she was in school, never in her wildest dreams would she have thought of becoming an actress/model. But, now she knows exactly what she wants to be and that is to be a famous personality.

Sanam came onboard migme as an Artist in March, 2016. And back then, she wasn’t social media savvy and even till date, she isn’t present on any other social platform apart from migme.

migme is a social entertainment platform and allows its users to share content, chat, play games, and do microblogging.

We at migme coached Sanam Dixit on how to use the platform to increase her fan base & engagement levels. She started with creating her profile on migme and then slowly and steadily got a hang of making posts more frequently. We helped her conduct various activities such as contests which has made her one of the leading artists on migme.

She conducted a contest where in mig users had to send her gifts and the person to send her the most number of gifts would be declared as her superfan and she would dedicate a video to the winner of the contest.

migme contest

After tasting success with the first one, she immediately started another contest, where in she asked her fans to comment on her post with their names and she would dedicate personalised shayaris (short poems) to each one of them. migme contests

She got such an amazing response for her very first contest. Here is the video that she dedicated to her fan.

migme gives an opportunity to an artist for not only engaging with fans but also helps them to have an alternative revenue stream.

Recently, Sanam has put out a video thanking migme and explaining how she has earned revenue through this platform. She is extremely happy that she got the opportunity to be a part of such a platform.

Currently Sanam is gearing up for her stint as the lead in a daily soap called “Jeevan ke mod par”, the pilot episodes are being shot currently and will soon be aired on one of the TV channels in India.

Today she has a total of 6,930 fans and is super active on her mig profile. If you want to know more about Sanam, you can catch up with her on:

What’s more fun? She might just end up dedicating a shayari to you as well!


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