Annu Marbaniang, Fitness & Fit Creed Ambassador Says ‘Fitness Rocks’!

Fashion and Fitness is one and the same thing. Fitness is the new fashion mantra, says mentor for our fitness event, The Fit Creed- Season 2, Annu Marbaniang, Fitness Ambassador.

As a child, Annu had an unwavering inclination towards sports, be it badminton, tennis or basketball. During her teens, she was flooded with opportunities to participate in beauty pageants and fashions, but her love for sports stood strong.

Marriage and family happened after, but her passion for fashion retained. She started a fashion brand with Amrit Rajbora by the name ANNU & AMRIT and also participated in Mrs India Gladrags 2010 – 1st reality pageant show, where she was shortlisted among the top 8 finalists, winning hearts with her demeanour and her face, leading her to winning the title Mrs. Photogenic.

Her achievements didn’t end there, she went on a title grabbing spree thereafter- Bodypower PCA 2017 2nd place, YMCA 2017 2nd place, WBFF 2018 Bikini Diva – 2nd Runners Up, Muscle Mania Bikini 2017 winner.

By then sports was no longer an option, but this is where her tryst with gymming started. Here she learnt different aspects of fitness exercise and decided to pursue a career as a group class fitness instructor. Today, she is internationally certified to take various group classes including les mills programs such as RPM

Her certifications include Master Trainer – ZUU, Certified TRX Instructor, Certified Foam Roller Instructor, Certified ViPR Instructor and Certified Spinning Instructor.

She tags her brother, Shoubhit Garg as her mentor and guide, who pushed her towards competing in fitness events and competitions. Annu credits him for being the inspiration that pushed her on. The journey hasn’t been easy, but every obstacle was a stone to jump over, for her.

For Annu, Fitness is a state of good health and positive thinking. Mind and body need to be synchronised in harmony and peace. Diet, she says plays a vital role as it pleases not only hunger or nutritional needs, but provides contentment and satisfaction, leading to peace of mind, positive vibes and the physical body. 

“One should view Fitness as a permanent state of mind and never temporarily. Fitness is the finest form of lifestyle. Fitness Rocks!” That’s Annu Marbaniang.


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