A festive Amazon journey like never before

A house-on-wheels roadshow with over 600 products from including selection by small & medium businesses across States & Union Territories of India gets underway.

amazon yatra

As the Amazon Festive Yatra kickstarts in Delhi, they showcase the house-on-wheels, they will help you shop the various looks of the rooms, they take you across the various cities of India and bring alive the festive journey across India with customers, sellers, partners and all those who make Amazon India what is today.

Track the #AmazonFestiveYatra 

Great Indian Festival was flagged off with the #AmazonFestiveYatra – a unique “house-on-wheels” bringing the best of India together in one place.

With 3 special trucks, #AmazonFestiveYatra will visit 13 cities covering over 6,000 kms throughout the festive season, providing a great opportunity for Amazon customers and sellers to engage, and share insights and opinions.

Track the yatra with them as they bring the colours, diversity and richness of India to you with city snapshots, customer videos and lots more. Stay tuned.

What is the house-on-wheels?

It’s about bringing the best of India together in one place – which is a truck! Actually three trucks, which when joined cover an area of 1050 sq feet.

 amazon yatra

“As the #AmazonFestiveYatra traverses across India, customers will get to see the unique selection from their own states and from the rest of India offered by India’s small businesses and emerging brands,”Gopal Pillai, Vice President – Seller Services, Amazon India said on the occassion.

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