Amatra Dunsvirk Court Resort In Mussoorie Is Making Vacay Goals Come True!

Nowadays, you don’t commonly find a resort that’s luxurious and replenishes your soul. But, when I visited Amatra Dunsvirk Court in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, I was astonished by how elegant and rich the property is. I stayed there for a good four days, exploring the resort and trying out its in-house activities. I was besotted with the ambience, heritage and calmness of the resort.

Located at the highest peak of Mussoorie, this place is a treat to eyes, not only because of the views but also the timeless architecture of the property and its unique design. Honestly, it’s one in a lifetime experience. This place is located atop Vincent Hill and 2 km from the library end of the Mall Road at Gandhi Chowk. I reached there in about a seven hours’ drive from Delhi.

My time with Amatra Dunsvirk Court was anything but ordinary! At first, their staff members, who were extremely courteous and professional, warmly welcomed me. Along with that, they introduced me to the property and its heritage. I was already very fascinated by the looks of it, but after the property tour, I was more thrilled to learn and explore it. Every corner of this property unravels lots of surprises and stories. 

Another set of experiences began when I was shown to my room. I had booked a premier room with a Himalayan view, and it was nothing short of extravagant! The room has all the amenities one could ask for – from tea and coffee maker, mini bar and bathrobes to a walk-in shower and wardrobe. The room was extremely spacious, and the view of the Himalayas was just magnificent from there. It was a package deal, honestly! And not only that, their room service was up to the expectations as well. What could I have asked more? 

Later on, I went to their bar and tea lounge to enjoy the aroma. And honestly, it is one of the fine places of the property. The ambience of the lounge had me at first sight; it was peaceful and interesting at the same time. I tried their special tea on the menu, and it did decent justice to the aura.

The best part about this place is their scrumptious food, which left me awestruck! Their multi-cuisine restaurant has a well-crafted menu and serves such delightful food. The dishes I ordered were splendidly presented and tasted equally impressive. I had opted for a buffet for breakfast, and with their endless array of beautiful looking options, it just fit in perfectly with my hungry soul! I won’t be wrong in saying that they are one of the best in culinary in Mussoorie. 

I also visited the most recommended coffee shop, and believe me; it was worth all the hype. The strong brew just made my day even better. And as a coffee lover, I was awaiting a lot from their variety of coffee, and it just stood up to that excellently; no complaints at all! 

Last but not least, I was captivated by their list of in-house activities and experiences. There was not a second of boredom during the time I was there, as there was a lot that kept me occupied. The most memorable was the spa. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had such a relaxing spa experience. Apart from that, they had arranged a nature hike for me, along with other tourists, and I had such a satisfying time trekking up the hills. Their arrangements were perfect! I also spent some of my time in their capacious game room, playing all sorts of indoor games.  

All in all, I had such a pleasing time at Amatra Dunsvirk Court, and I would positively visit there again any day. The exquisite views of the Himalayas and timeless structure of the property made up for an ideal vacation spot, indeed! I would unquestionably recommend Amatra Dunsvirk Court to anyone who loves a rejuvenating and luxurious stay, with surpassing food and experiences. 



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