All you need is Love…. Love is all you need

It doesn’t matter if you are a Beatles fan or not, but chances are, if you have ever ventured into Rock’n’Roll music, you must have surely come across their hit number “All you need is love”. This popular 60s track holds immense value and heart wrenching substance for people of all age groups.

all you need is love

Who doesn’t love. Even if you don’t or haven’t fallen in love with someone yet, you are all the more likely to, at some point of time in your life, well we are optimists. It isn’t some flimsy claim to say that love does bridge the gap between souls marred by physical boundaries and fledgling geographies.

Love, is the purest form of expression they say. You may not be speaking the same language as spoken by your partner, lover, crush or sweetheart, but you can communicate the minute expressions of your nimble heart through that thing called Love. But, what is interesting is to note that different cultures have different forms of expression and it can’t be the same obviously since our world is a big myriad circle of varied interests, languages, styles, personalities and customs.

Love is all you need

Especially here in India, to a very large extent despite us being this modern society finally beginning to open up, shedding our inhibitions in the great glory of 21st century- love is still an expression of a conservative man’s lineage toward his beloved. At the same time, we cannot stress enough on the gumption that not all of India is the same and not everybody is shy anymore in getting across to their respective partner(s) with their feeling of love.

We have come a long way since the golden days of romancing as shown in our cute, silly but poignantly moving films of the 60s and 70s. Yes, the heroes and heroines kissed and prodded lustily toward one another, but the expression of desire was perhaps veiled in a colorful emulsion of simplicity and shyness. It isn’t that our heroes and heroines of the bygone era exuded a cult of electrifying love way back then, but theirs was a period of engaging romance and an everlasting saga built around the fabric of love, once considered sacred, now- layered with more openness and expression.

It is quite charming and lovely to say the least that the way we express our hearts’ desire and love to one another has changed quite drastically today. We are no-one to judge somebody’s love or give our own opinion to another’s love story. But, purely from the lens of observation, we can see a whole new India emerging from the holds of its conservative and perhaps, a past that didn’t permit too much experimentation. Some will attribute a visible openness between today’s youngsters and teenagers as a plight eroding the concept of love. But who is to say and who are we to judge? Let them love and be happy howsoever one wants to be.

We take a look at some anomalies in an otherwise structured and confirming approach to love, as seen from the India that was and one that is marked with refreshing change, and one may argue- for the better.

  1. Gone are the days where only Men confessed their love

women proposing

As a sweet tasting appetizer from a classic Yash Chopra Romantic Saga, of many of the Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee classics, where men chased women and did all they could to express their love for the beautiful and incorruptible leading ladies, we are living in different times.

Today, it is neither difficult nor unusual to come across a couple where the guy is being prodded by his girlfriend to accept her love. We see women swaying over their men in a manner that completely off-sets the image often painted by our lovely movies of the past. The internet using, smart phone operating and gym frequenting lady is often seeing pursuing her man with great charm and interest. In most cases barring the ones where families over-indulge, in most cases to utter disappointment of a couple, love succeeds and so it should.

  1. The way we romance has changed


It takes a man to complete a woman and a woman to make a man. Both these genders are inseparable for the completion of love. But, at the same time- the ways, ideas and many manifestations of love today have changed and evolved significantly as over the past decades. Today, romancing isn’t restricted to being at some idyllic place that offers plenty of solace and solitude to rake in the mushy comfort of one another’s company.

Couples are more eager and excited -one notices- to express themselves to one another at all places where you wouldn’t expect or perceive a couple to get cozy. Getting cozy doesn’t always indicate sexual electricity, as poorly narrated by many a box office blooper that fails miserably at expressing the most important and potent of all of man’s feeling; love. The phrase “love is in the air” can literally live up to its literal meaning in terms of new hot-spots that couples explore to be in one another’s company. The casual chat between a single man and a hot air hostess. The harmless flirting with a hotel’s receptionist and the swaying to the charms of a beautiful woman who is part of the client contingent visiting your office to hear you speak, what do they all indicate?

It means, love happens often and succeeds in the least expected unbeknownst of places.

  1. The way we express our love has changed


Who says that love always has to have a long, endless and emotionally gratifying indulgence of a deep kiss to convey its essence. You got it all jumbled up man! We are living in a different age and one that bears an undertone of experimentation and fluid change. Gifting and cooking is in today. And it always excites the romantic coterie of partners madly in love.

Move over Valentine’s day, there is the chocolate, girlfriend, first-date, first-kiss, rose and many other days that are as symbolic to lovers’ interest and their conveying of passion as mushy songs were to those mid-budget box office triumphs sung over by Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik in the golden era.

Moreover, a man is the one who in an attempt to make up to a disappointed girlfriend cooks to her delight. He presents her with a sumptuous feast of delightful and palatable ensembles that cringe and coronate her with all his love. Chances are, the fight at the end of the meal is resolved. So it isn’t the women who has to necessarily find the way to the man’s heart by navigating across a heavy-duty requirement of his stomach. Furthermore, buying her a pair of her favorite pearls or exquisite diamonds is a masterful strategy that is intended to align distant hearts and a man must credit himself to winning his leading lady over something she so joyously craves for.

all you need is loveYou cannot not come across the sight of a woman taking out her guy for a long drive with her commanding the steering wheel and pulling it in the direction that leads to magical enchantment and love. It is all so pure, unbiased and reflective of love served in a very new way.

  1. The Multiplex and the food-court love

You are in love and you have this hot cute chick you can’t lay your eyes off. But, there’s a problem, she doesn’t know of the emoticons that are perplexing the inner cravings of your heart! So what do you do?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You somehow ask her out on a movie-date and begin to charm her through to your heart from the cozy confines of the popcorn heavy cinematic sojourn that often reels in the beauty of our true blue colorful cinema. And, there you have it. If she is one percent interested in you, the idea of asking her over on a romantic date at a movie or at other places marked for harmless cajoling or fun such as a stand-up comic act, a live play, a concert or an international DJ’s visit can eradicate the listless boundaries between the two of you.


Times have changed so much and with such vigor that one can even find a couple admitting their love over a nice meal into the day at a popular food court. Shopping, followed by an expensive glass of wine at a state of the art pub and then completed by a casual gift exchange over the food court, whilst enjoying your favorite meal of the day just goes on to make things even better, rosier and yes, cozier.

  1. The permanent mark of love

love tattoo

It is a heartening sight to see the boy sporting the girl’s name on his muscle pumped chest. Equally pleasing is to find the girl’s wrist being inked by the name of her lover. What can be more cute, cuddly, romantic and permanent than to have your partner’s name embroidered over some fancy design speaking  volumes about your love and of your expression in front of the whole wide world? Got love, ink it!


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