Auschwitzzz……The Pollution Levels Say!

Smoking 50 cigarettes a day, yes i am!! That enough to scandalise the senses out of you? A few eyebrows raised? Some righteous monologues in the offing? None??? How about I witnessed the Auschwitz gas chamber first hand? Controversial enough? Unfortunately, its all true!


We are not oblivious to the rising level of pollution that has engulfed the capital city…to such dangerous levels that the measuring bars have given up! Recorded at 999 in Delhi on the 7th of November, the highest that can be possibly recorded. Are as many eyebrows raised? Guess not!! Atleast I’m not smoking lterally, right?? Dilli ‘swag’?? Nah, its Dilli ‘Smog’, that is making waves!

The city wore an almost apocalyptic look, forcing closure of schools across Delhi and the NCR.  The holocaustic situation may be attributed to the incessant crop stubble burning….which the law make have provenly failed to curb, despite warning gongs being sounded repeatedly. Banning crackers and hookahs, is just a drop in the ocean. The Government bringing back odd-even for vehicles in the capital city, implementing from November 13th till November 17th, may provide some respite!


The masks selling companies are rejoicing…the sales for the least bought item, now shooting through the roof! I took the liberty of walking up to one vendor in Dlf phase 2, curioisity killing the cat, to know how many masks are being bought in the wake of the pollution hullabaloo. My amusement brinking at his reply ”bhagwaan ki kripa se bahut zyada” ( Lots, by the grace of God)!! To shower God’s grace a little more generously on him, i bought a few for myself too!


My morning walk saw the brave ardent fitness freaks, performing their yogic stunts, adorning the mask with elan….the alom vilom, being the hot favourite, amidst An atmospheric recreation of World War 1, the Auschwitz gas chamber holocaust, the ironical set up was almost tear jerking!!  Here’s another gobsmacking trivia….Delhi is the measuring bar by which Sweden measured its rare level of pollution….Moment of pride,is it? Delhi has finally raised the standards….for something, atleast! My lips are sealed….this time by my trendy face mask!!


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Dipti Datta

Dipti is an entrepreneur and a libertarian. Previously associated with some of the most renowned television channels and personalities as a stylist and being a qualified fashion designer her creative bent is apparent. Also,Having worked copiously with a team as an Operations Manager on an online portal, her conviction to work as a team player is undaunting. Her inclination to write is very strong as well, inevitably, as she holds a bachelors degree in English literature. Dipti is A travel buff, an avid reader and a painter and also dabbles in writing poetry. She believes that creativity is the best form of reform.Dipti is determined to associate herself with people and work alike, that refine her tastes and sharpen her sensibilities.


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