Sanjana Arora

ADULTHOOD – What’s official about it?!

November 8, 2016

Adulthood! Seriously, in today’s day and age how do we define it? Is it the age 21? Or is it 18? Or even a 14 year old can scream and exclaim that he is an adult? This sets the thought clock ticking….The mind gets boggled! Whom to believe? The law or the land? The law defines a person to be an adult at either 18 or 21, and makes intoxication or consumption of alcohol legalized at these ages. But let us look at the flip side of the coin - the land we live in. Our land or our city to be precise proudly houses the most hep and happening, hot and vivacious, dark and colorful, roaring with smoke and music- yes to be specific the bars, lounges, pubs and clubs. All these are the ‘masala ingredients’ to invite and lure even a 14 year old kid, to get drenched into some ‘fun’ that defines him to be an adult! So guys, isn’t it time we think what’s official about “being an adult”? A class 10 student leaves no stone unturned to look like a dude or a babe so that the boxers at the gate of this pub don’t deny him or her an entry, or else he or she might just miss out all the fun. The pleasure of inhaling a hookah or dancing amidst the smoke filled dance floor or maybe sip a couple of cocktails….Wow! No one to question or ask! Yes, I am an adult. teens-drinking On a serious note, it’s time we all need a wakeup call. Guys, THIS IS IT. Our youth is getting drenched into the pleasures of such adulthood activities which definitely should not be denied to ‘official adults’ but certainly should be made a no entry zone for the ‘unofficial wannabe adults’. The people running such outlets should be more than rigid. They need to seriously take a call on this. The youth are the future of the land, and only when the land and law are in sync with each other can we become the real rock stars of our day and age. Fun, frolic and masti, all are deemed official for each and every person but again the definitions of the same vary. Depending on the type of indulgence and the age of indulgence, it takes one person to make things right. Wherever we go, a little exchange of a couple of bucks  make things moving for a high-schooler or a middle-schooler (because we all know “Paisa bolta hai”!) which must be stopped, as for them rules are made just to be broken. We all know it, but prefer to be like the frog of the well!

Shisha in kolkata adulthood
Do we actually love our motherland? (Let us shout ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ here!) If we do, then let’s make it official. Yes, I mean it. It is not so cool to see our middle-schooler at a pub instead of a library. It is not so cool to let him have a drink instead of being at a tutorial. IT IS JUST NOT SO COOL. But wait, aren’t we a society of cool people? People who are fashionable with the latest of the latest???


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