Oscar-less? 7 famous actors who’ve never won a single Academy Award

There’s never a dull day in Hollywood. It still is the behemoth where the world’s movie going culture stands. It is, in all these decades, still the yardstick against which various film industries’ efforts are recognised.

Marvellous acting, pathbreaking screenplays, moving storylines and great direction- these ensure that audiences get, year upon year, Oscar-worthy performances. But while the likes of so many articulate actors have to their glory the prestigious Academy Award, considering in talents like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet there seems to be a hive of talent, what about those who are yet to stare at an Oscar in their cabinet? Thankfully, Leonardo Di Caprio cannot complain anymore.


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Ever wondered which are the famous Hollywood biggies that reel with disconsolation at having not secured a single Oscar despite years of effort? We bring you 7 timeless talents with the dubious distinction.

Glenn Close


Vanity Fair

The revered Hollywood actress has some impressive lineage of movies to her credit including the famous 101 Dalmatians, Fatal Attraction, Hook and many others. A powerful actor, Close is renowned for her varied expressions and a commanding body language. But even today, despite having spent over three decades in showbiz, the Connecticut- born star hasn’t yet won an Oscar. How heartbreaking might that have been?

Johnny Depp


Marie Claire

If there were an actor that could perhaps play a banyan tree and make it emote expressions- it would have to be Johnny Depp. One of Hollywood’s most polarised talents, berated for his grimly choices in costume based dramas and admired for his uncanny versatility, Depp brings the depth of emotions to each character he plays with quintessential ebullience.

He was the sweetest albeit weirdest friend one could ever have in Edward Scissorhands, he pulled off a very Michael Jackson-esque stunt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and awoke tenderly emotions in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, alongside Leo Di Caprio. But even as his on-screen brother Leonardo Di Caprio, a few years younger to Depp in his Hollywood journey has finally picked up his Oscar, the stylish actor still awaits one.

Harrison Ford



A doyen of acting and one of the most ‘sorted’ and admired leading men in Hollywood, this thespian of filmdom is yet to pick up an Oscar despite having churned out memorable performances in flicks such as Six Days, Seven Nights, Indiana Jones (franchise), Blade Runner, Sabrina and many other movies. Considered to be a true gentleman, Harrison Ford is still one of the most experienced actors on the circuit alongside the likes of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and others; stars who’ve been around in Hollywood for the longest time.

Tom Cruise


Marie Claire

Men still want to be like him, women cannot have enough of him, and whether you’re a dude or a chick- Tom Cruise- is always considered an A-list hit. Never mind the saggy rhyme, Thomas Cruise Mapother is an intrinsic wild-child of Hollywood.

When he’s not jumping from buildings or pulling off maniacal stunts as a disguised undercover agent, he woos women with that winning smile.

Although, most of his movies hinge on action-drama territory, there’s hardly a doubt about Tom Cruise’s genuine acting talent considering you’ve seen his sparkling efforts in the emotional, coloured territory, particularly through films like The Colour of Money, Cocktail, Steel Magnolia, A Few Good Men, Interview With the Vampire among others.

But of all movies, considering that the Academy didn’t consider Cruise worthy of an Oscar for his part as the wheelchair-bound Vietnam war veteran-turned activist, you’re compelled to think that somewhere the fraternity might be at fault, even as Cruise certainly isn’t.

Edward Norton


LA Times

Another accomplished actor, for whom the only saving grace and emotional consolation at having not won an Oscar would be that his charming looks didn’t come in way of the world acknowledging his talent- it’s surprising to note that Edward Norton’s hands haven’t yet held an Oscar. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards so far, winning none but charming fans for his performances in compelling movies like Fightclub, American History X and, Primal Fear.

Joaquin Phoenix


Business Insider

A man deeply riddled with complexity, perhaps of the kinds that mirrors his ability to opt for complex on-screen characters akin to the right pronunciation of that intriguing name, Joaquin Phoenix (refer to Google for pronunciation) is a great performer. He is among the few today who compel audiences to surge ahead of the cliched-ridden sphere of finding great character-driven performances.

It’s impressive and moving at the same time to think of Phoenix as being the same bloke responsible for playing a petulant and awkward Commodus as well as the conflicted but enigmatic Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. But even if that role didn’t earn him an Oscar and the world somehow learned to carry on, having him being cheated of an Academy Award for his role in Her underlines but a great travesty of our times.

Robert Downy Jr.


Hindustan Times

Can the Ironman be played by the same bloke who dons a ruffled muffler as the pipe-smoking Sherlock Holmes? In Robert Downy Jr., lies the answer to finding a man who’s as complex as he’s enigmatic, as beautiful as he’s artistic. We should be glad that we have a cerebral talent; a man whose every portrayal is checkered by wit and intelligence. Isn’t this a rare occurrence in a Hollywood forever swaying to shenanigans.

Partly-eccentric, partly-non glamorous but purely- intoxicating, Robert Downy Jr. makes movies a consummate habit and not just as escape from life’s monotony. And at the same time, his success- through films like the Avengers series, Chaplin (the biopic, watch it now if you haven’t), Sherlock Holmes, Due Date- pushes one to think how uncertain the movie business can be. How on earth could Robert Downy Jr. have picked an Oscar?


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