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Abhishek Mishra- Ultraman, Ironman & Fitness Influencer

September 2, 2019

"Health begins from the mind, Fitness, from the body", words that he didn't just say and believe... these are words that he lived by to the T. Presenting our mentor for our fitness event, Fit Creed- Abhishek Mishra, Ultraman & Ironman.

The Fit Creed

This is just one of the beliefs that led Abhishek to truly imbibe 'fitness' as a lifestyle. Been adherent to being fit since childhood, he took it as a fulcrum to divert it towards health. 

A Soccer player at the National level meets from 2003 till 2008, Abhishek had an innate inclination towards sports and fitness. After completing his MBA, he moved to Gurgaon and worked for US MNC from 2011 till 2014.... and this is where his journey towards what he calls ' true fitness' began. Running the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in 2011, without any training, was an inspiration for him to realise the importance of transcending from a regular lifestyle to a healthy one. 

The Fit Creed

Completely changing his eating and daily habits, Abhishek ran for Mumbai Full Marathon.... and as they say, the rest is history! What began as a pursuit of passion, turned into the experience of a lifetime. Ultraman Abhishek Mishra says that breaking physical barriers involved moving out of his comfort zone  But today, there’s no looking back.

The Fit Creed

Participating in The 24hr Ultra run in 2013 in Asola Bhatti mines, was the starting line to Change, Awareness and ultimately being an influencer. Following his self-belief that "It is important to break every limit that you define, at different level", from completing his first Ironman Triathlon in Spain in 2015, the second one in South Africa in April 2016, being among the only 6 Indians Finishing for The Ultraman Triathlon in Florida by Feb 2017. This Finish was victorious, and being among the 5 Indians including his mentor, Milind Soman, who swam a distance of 10 kms in the alligator infested Orlando lake in Florida, Abhishek's grit never wavered. 

Having successfully conquered 4 Ironman Titles and The Ultraman Florida, difficulties were hardly any digression from the goal. His learnings and experiences as an endurance sportsman has been brought out as a book "Run to Realise: aspects of life".

The Fit Creed

Abhishek set up Tabono Sports, which organises long distance running events across the country. He's also a motivational speaker, visiting institutions, corporates regularly. For the past three years on the last two days of December, he and few runners have been jointly running 150K-runs to celebrate life and new year.

Abhishek’s winning formula is an astounding mix of physical fitness and spiritual wellbeing. For him, fitness has different levels- Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical... none can exist without the other three.

As Abhishek Mishra continues his Ultrarun, Triathlons, his inspiration exuding journey has still lots more to give...

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