10 Things Indian Men Need To Stop Assuming About Women…. On Tinder!

Like seriously! But you know, with relationships being more one night stands…. ok, maybe 5, Tinder seems to be the agony aunt (pun intended). From wanting to find soulmates to well, getting laid, Tinder is the one stop, last  destination. To me, Tinder was always the much hyped, desperate attempt for people to ‘get it’! Which is why I steered clear…

Indian men on TinderRemember Tinder’s ‘sanskaari’ ad a couple of years ago? Honestly, it probably stands corrected today!… or not? Talking over coffee with a guy friend on how Tinder is being thought of and used as the farm where you want to sow adulteration but expect organic, (This is the cleanest I can go here!) he showed me (seriously), how it works! One swipe is all it takes to take it up! The way he went about the thread pulling, the conclusion drawn….there are men, lurking infidels running around the city, falling in love at first swipe and popping the question to terrorised women who were, you know, looking only to ‘grow organic’!

So guys, you seriously need to stop assuming about women on Tinder….a few tips that might help you up your game. Here’s what!

#1 They CERTAINLY DO NOT want to marry you…

A hunk you maybe, but this isn’t! Women still do look for ‘Just a Date’. So, just get on it and ask them out clean! It still works!

#2 Every woman isn’t looking to ‘HOOK UP’

Indian men on tinder#3 Women do not find Wannabe abbreviations impressive!

NP, INFP… Oh dear Lord! Women care about your articulation… and no, accented English isn’t on the list here. Be cool in a nonchalant way.

#4 You will get ‘unmatched’ if you exhibit Preconceived notions about the girl’s profile…

Compliments.. we are all for it, but starting a conversation commenting on our physical assets? That will make us unforgiving…. even cruel… TAP, UNMATCH!

Indian men on tinder

#5 . No Emojis…. PLEASE!

A conversation should be a conversation, period.

#6 A beard and handle bar moustache? Not until you’re Ranveer Singh!

Women drool over facial hair, accepted, but they can totally decipher a genuine exhibit from a superficial one! Remember, your facial hair styling will only go as far as you don’t over present it.

#7 Women DON’T…. read Don’t dig unnecessary extra info about your social media profiles!

Your popularity may be of  pride to you, but dude, women won’t wait for you to stop gloating over your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profiles… they will walk over you! And this piece of advice is Golden…. No crowing about the number of your matches!

Indian men on tinder

#8 Wanna Get On?… Such cheesy Lines will have you judged and penalised!


#9 Your views on chauvinism DO MATTER!

Your machoism, chauvinism must rest in peace deep inside you…. to never wake up!

#10 Compliments with comparisons…. not cool

This one is the most pertinent. Your compliment must NEVER come riding on another woman’s insult. We are feminists within and we do flock together when the need arises… to take you down!


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